Aviator Strategy To Win: Best Strategies for the Aviator Game

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The Aviator is a game made for quick and simple play. And do you know, that all games may have some method to win? Yes, it is true. And that is why our list consists of 10+ strategies how to win in the Aviator game. Keep reading to learn more.

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Best Aviator Game Strategies

When it comes to the Aviator slot, it is important to note that there is no 100% winning strategy. This is because the Aviator game method is based on a Random Number Generator which is also known as the RNG Aviator algorithm, therefore making the game unpredictable. However, there are some strategies that can guarantee some profits. While there are different Aviator strategies available, our experts’ team pointed out the following as the primary:

  • 1326 betting system
  • Stats-Based Betting Strategy
  • The Double Bet
  • The Early Cashout

However, you can apply any of these strategies and try others to win the Aviator game while playing. Even if you might occasionally be successful in making a profit, it is almost always more likely that you will lose money. As a result, it is never a fine decision to gamble with funds that you can’t afford to lose.

Aviator winning strategy for one bet

The Aviator winning strategy for one bet depends on finding out how much of your initial deposit is left over, which is the first step. Although two bets may be more profitable at times, it’s advisable for beginners to stick with one bet for the first few games. As a general rule, new players should aim to play 100 to 200 rounds and calculate their bet size based on the total deposit they have made. That is, if you have $10 in your account, we advise playing at $0.10 per unit. 200 rounds of wagering are already possible with a $20 balance in the account.

Minimum Risk Tactics For Beginners And Cautious Players


The main goal of this strategy is to conserve your funds. So even, if you lose a bet, the loss will not be that much. The key to strategy is to place tiny bets and set each cashout in a round to a multiplier of x1.20-x1.21. Here, the settings for auto-cashout and auto-bet can be enabled. By doing this, you can reduce the number of rounds you lose and gradually increase your balance.

Aviator Strategy With Moderate Risk When Playing For Money


Compared to the prior method, this Aviator strategy entails far higher risk. In Aviator, the moderate risk strategy involves catching multipliers of 2-3, which have a 40–42% chance of happening. Using this method, you can gamble and aim for a sizable win. If there hasn’t been a significant multiplier after some time, your chances of hitting it may also be improved, so it’s advisable to wait for higher odds.

Big Bet – Big Winnings: Tactics For risky bettors


For players with strong willpower can use this tactic. Knowing that the multiplier drops to x100 approximately every hour or 1.5 is important. You wait for it to come out, mark the hour, and then start placing bets in the hopes that you can catch this multiplier. Although this tactic carries a high level of risk, it offers a chance to score an aviator big win.

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Gambling strategy for two simultaneous bets

For the best results in this game, use the auto-bet and auto-cashout functions at multiplication x1.2 for the first bet and the moderate risk strategy for the second bet. In a two-part game, stop after multiplying the first bet by x40 and the second stake by x100. This will allow you to wait for high coefficients instead of investing your entire balance at once. By using this tactic, you can increase your chances of winning without taking on excessive risk.

The 2:1 Strategy


It is regarded as one of the most effective Aviator strategies to win. According to it, the player must constantly wager twice as much, or 2:1. For instance, if your first wager was $10, your second wager should be $20. The greater bet should cover the smaller one for this approach to succeed. A smaller wager is intended to guarantee all earnings while taking no risk. Also, the larger bet will be cashed out at the x1.5 multiplier for $30, which will pay for the total number of bets and return you to zero if the second bet unexpectedly loses. Your winnings from the second wager will be $80 if you hit a multiplier of five.

The 1.5x + 2x Medium Risk Strategy


Here, everything operates in a manner akin to that of a single bet approach. For instance, we place a greater first wager of $10 on odds of 1.5. In this instance, concentrating on the second bet may even be preferable when using the auto bet and auto cash out. We manually place the second wager with a $5 x 2 multiplier. Before you bet, it’s crucial to review the statistics. You should also wait until six consecutive multipliers have been less than x2 before placing your wager. You should also pay close attention to the game’s development and cease betting when the plane achieves the x10 multiplier. 

Staircase Strategy

pic show staircase-strategy for aviator

Use the Staircase Aviator wagering technique with odds between 1.10 and 1.30 if you want to make tiny bets with little risk. The player places the first wager, and if it is successful, they increase their initial wager by the winnings before placing another wager. The player also determines the staircase’s amount of bets or steps. The bettor leaves the net profit in his pocket after reaching the highest level and restarts from there.

With a three-step staircase and a $10 initial wager, let’s examine how it functions.

Bet AmountMultiplierWin Amount
$36.4×1.20In this game, if you triumph, start over at Round 1. Net Gain $1.
When you lose, move on to Round 4 and double your wager.

Martingale Aviator Betting Strategy

An example of a martingale strategy for betting on the aviator game by Spribe

The Martingale Aviator entails doubling the wager size each time a winning round is completed. After a win is attained, the wager amount decreases to the lowest betting limit before rising once again until another win is attained.

However, you can study the following in the table to know how to navigate your way in playing the aviator game using this strategy.

RoundBet $(auto cash out2x)Strategy
11If you make a profit of $1, replay Round 1. Go to Round 2 and double your wager if you lose.
22If you succeed, start over at the beginning of the round. The net income was $1. Should you drop, proceed to Round 3 and double your bet.
34In this game, if you triumph, start over at Round 1. Net Gain $1.
When you lose, move on to Round 4 and double your wager.
4If you won, return to Round 1 and begin again. The net profit was $1.
If you lose, move on to the next round and then double your wager.

D’Alembert System

An example of the dalembert system for betting in the aviator

D’Alembert System features a significantly flatter bet development. This strategy is about increasing your bet by one unit after a loss and decreasing your bet by one unit after you have won. This strategy has been illustrated in the below table:

Game OutcomeLossLoss

Laubochere Betting Strategy to Aviator

exemple of Laubochere  aviator strategy

The Labouchere system differs from the majority of betting strategies in both its construction and operation. To use the Labouchere betting strategy, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a series of numbers. This could be any sequence you want, though it is best to keep it simple.  For example 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
  2. The bet you placed will be the sum of the first and last numbers of the series. For example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Your first bet will be 1 + 8 = 9.
  3. If you lose, you add a number to the series. For example:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. In this case, your next bet will be 1 +9 = 10.
  4. If you win, you remove the external numbers. For example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9. In this case, your next bet will be 2 + 8 = 10.
  5. The end of the series. If you keep winning, you will eventually have only one number left. Bet that amount and the series will be over.

The Fibonacci Strategy to bet and win

The Fibonacci aviator betting strategy for potential victories

This is a betting strategy of a negative progression. The betting method uses a known natural mathematical sequence.

Moreover, the formula in the Fibonacci strategy is that in the Fibonacci sequence, every new number equals the sum of the previous two numbers. For instance, we have 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. All these are calculated like this: 2+3=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13.

1326 Betting System (Paroli Tactics) for earning money in the crash game

The 1326 Betting System (Paroli Approach) for generating income in crash game

This is a beneficial betting system because it is a progression method. The strategy is also known as the Anti-Martingale strategy or Reverse Martingale. It is a game that requires just four wagers. So once you have decided how much you want to bet, there are certain formulas you must follow. And they are:

  • First, place a one-unit wager. 
  • If you succeed, place a three-unit wager on the next hand. 
  • If you succeed once more, wager two units on the next hand. 
  • Double your wager on the following hand if you win three consecutive hands. 
  • If you win once more, place a one-unit wager.
  • If you lose at any point, start over with a one-unit wager.

Flat Betting Strategy 


“Flat” is a betting strategy, the essence of which is that regardless of the size of the bankroll, the size of the bet will always be within 1-5% of it. Some people call this strategy a “fixed bet”. For example, a player bets 1% of the pot for each bet. You can bet on a fixed nominal amount or play for a strict percentage from the bank.

A Winning Casino Strategy Of A Fixed Percentage Of The Bank

A successful aviator casino strategy utilizing a constant bank percentage

Unlike Flat betting, the ‘Percentage of Bank’ strategy is a reliable betting strategy, where the bet amount is a fixed percentage of the player’s balance. The strategy can be divided into three types: Moderate – the bet amount is up to 1%, Conservative – the bet amount between 1% and 5%, and Aggressive – the fixed percentage is over 5%, depending on the fixed percentage. 

To illustrate, let’s start with a $1,000 budget and a fixed percentage of 5%. The first bet is $50 (5%) at 2 odds, resulting in a total bankroll of $1,050. For the second bet, 5% of the new bankroll ($1,050) equals $52.50.

Alexander Strategy

exemple of Alexander betting strategy

This strategy is based on three mathematical progressions. They are used in different situations. An example of the following progression:

A) 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 … (increase by 2 units).

B) 1, 4, 7, 10, 13… (increase by 3 units).

B) 1, 5, 9, 13, 17 (increase by 4 units).

The Alexander system is a betting strategy that starts with the minimum degree in a chosen progression. The idea behind the approach is that if a player loses money after a round, they increase their bet to the next level based on the number of losses, which is equal to the current number in the chosen progression. It’s important to stick to the system until a positive balance is achieved.

For instance, if you’re playing on the expensive A progression, you start with a $10 bet in the first round. If you lose, the next bet will be $3. If you continue losing for three rounds, the bet size for the next round will be $5 and so on. If you win, you move back a step but also continue playing until you reach the required number of rounds (the current number in the chosen progression). Therefore, after winning five times, you must return to the previous step if you get four more wins.

Aviator Game Math Analysis


Game analytics is a methodology that involves the use of quantitative measures, metrics, and tools to track game events for statistical analysis. It enables game developers and players to understand how users interact with games and how to improve the gaming experience. Mathematician Jörg Bewersdorff’s book “Luck, Logic, and White Lies: The Mathematics of Games” classified games into categories based on the sources of uncertainty that confront the players: Combinatorial Games, Games of Chance, Strategic Games, Markov Decision Processes, etc. Experienced players calculate potential game outcomes, including the probability of winning, losing, or tying for each potential result.

So, researching the expected payout for each potential outcome and placing bets accordingly are two strategies to increase your chances of succeeding in the Aviator Game. 

However, in comparison to other casino games, the house margin is only 1%, which is rather modest. The expected value of each wager is as follows, assuming you have an infinite bankroll: (Chance of winning) x (Amount gained per wager) – (Chance of losing) x (Amount lost per wager) = 0.5 x 1.6 – 0.5 x 1 = 0.


Overall, all strategies are worth to be explored. Try out a few different systems and see which one works best for you.

Moreover, the Aviator Game strategy does not give a 100% guarantee of an Aviator big win. But, with its help, it is possible to consolidate the positive result of profitability over a long distance. It is worth remembering that the outcome of the game in online casinos depends on the random number generator. Nevertheless, the use of special schemes allows you to minimize the risk of loss and learn how to allocate your budget for the game.


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How Can I Choose the Best Time To Play Aviator?

There is no best time to play Aviator. But using some strategy to play will enable you to play the game at the right time to win.

Is It Easy To Learn the Spribe Aviator Algorithm?

Yes. It is simple and easy to understand depending on the site.

What Is the Best Strategy for the Aviator Game?

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What Aviator Gambling Strategy Should an Experienced Player Choose?

As usual, advanced punters choose risky strategies with higher budgets. But do not forget about possible losses.

Can I Use Aviator Patterns in Other Types of Games?

While aviator game patterns are specific to this genre, the skills you develop in pattern recognition can be applied to other games, enhancing your overall gaming abilities.

How to Play Aviator and Win?

Aviator is a thrilling card game that requires both strategy and a bit of luck. To master this game, you need a solid understanding of the rules, smart decision-making, and a pinch of intuition.

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